Vine Training Disc

A New Solution For Vineyard Training Wires

Simple to install, suitable for use on metal or wooden posts.

The Vine Training Disc can be installed with a screw, nail – whatever works for you and your vineyard.

An ideal solution for a new vineyards or for replacement posts needing a solution for vertical shoot positioning.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Vine Training Disc can take a beating from machinery, removing the need to replace and bend back damaged staples.

The discs are moulded from UV-stabilised virgin polypropylene and are capable of resisting extreme temperatures and forces.

There is no need for pre-drilling and posts are not subjected to hammer shock when screw-driving. The load is carried by the screw rather than the clip. Screw pull-out loads far exceed those of nails and staples.


Developed for the viticulture industry to provide training wire support for vertical shoot positioning.

The VTC is very cost effective compared to staples and other products, especially when considering the labour costs of replacing clips, staples and damage to machinery & tires.

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