The Heathcote Wine Region

Heathcote Geographic Region, Victoria

Climate: Warm. Mean January Temperature 21.2 C
Elevation: 240 m
Estimated Harvest Date: March

The Heathcote wine region is located in Central Victoria about 110km north of Melbourne and 50km east of the Bendigo. Heathcote wines are renown around the world and in Australia as ultra-premium wines, with a distinctive flavour, body, complexity and colour that make theRegional Mapm stand out above wines from other regions. In particular, the region is renown for Shiraz.

The vignerons of the Heathcote district extol the virtues of having their vineyards planted in Cambrian soils. These soils are the result of a long weathering process, having been formed from Cambrian rocks that are over 500 million years old.

The region is warm with a distinctly continental climate and experiences an even temperature range during ripening. The vineyard is elevated at about 300m and rainfall is limited. Rainfall is between 500 – 550 mm annually. The majority of the rain falls in winter and spring, with carefully managed use of drip irrigation in summer and autumn. This combination of soil, climate and viticulture makes for vines that are relatively low yielding and produce grapes which are acclaimed for their ability to fully ripen, yet still retain excellent levels of natural acidity and fine grained tannins. Winemakers will be able to produce wines that are full-bodied with exceptional depth.

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