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Read on for more information about Rent-A-Row and how it works. If you want any more information about Rent-A-Row or the Shiraz Republic, please use our enquiry form.


Once you decide you want to make your own wine, you begin a discussion. We will work with you to determine how you craft your Shiraz (oak, % alcohol). This is where you get to tell us what you want to make, how you want to make it and we tell you how we can support you through the process. You’re the boss – you can do as much of the winemaking yourself (picking and crushing is an essentiall part of the experience) or you can delegate some of that work to us (like a good manager does). Our aim is to be as flexible as possible in helping you make your own, high quality, Heathcote Shiraz.

Given that the Shiraz Republic is a democracy of wine, citizens are all welcome to share their experiences, stories and advice with each other and you will enjoy the benefits of joining community of experienced winemakers.


Good wine starts in the vineyard and our website and newsletter will keep you up to date on how the vineyard is progressing throughout the year and gives the option to join in the pruning, thinning and training.

The Shiraz Republic is an open-society and our website, email and phones are always open to your questions, concerns and feedback. Information flows freely in the Shiraz Republic.


We try to center harvest for Rent-A-Row customers around Labour Day weekend, but nature is variable and harvest can start early or late, so we keep in touch. You will be informed about how the vineyard is progressing throughout the year and this will give you a better idea about when harvest is likely to occur. Once harvest begins, you are invited to come up to the vineyard and pick the grapes off your vines, crush them and let the fermentation begin.

We will be there to provide you with assistance through all these stages and to ensure your wine makes it through fermentation and into the bottle. Once again, we can work around your availability and the amount of time you spend working with your wine is up to you.


Once your wine has completed fermentation and matured, it’s time for bottling and packaging. This can occur anywhere from 8-18 months after harvest.

The end game aims to give your wine the presentation it deserves. The Shiraz Republic has bottling, corking and labelling equipment that can be used at a very reasonable cost and we are willing to use our connections to make your bottling and packaging looking as professional as possible, while still being convenient and fitting your budget.


It may be a cliché, but this is meant to be “The gift that keeps on giving”.

It provides you with wine upfront, access to cheap, quality Heathcote Shiraz, involvement in the fun of winemaking that lasts upwards of 12 months and in the end, having wine that is your own, to enjoy, for years and years to come.

The Shiraz Republic is here to offer you an experience to remember and support you through your winemaking experience. We will provide quality grapes, excellent service and an experience you will talk about for years.

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