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A quick run-down of what to expect from the Rent-a-Row winemaking experience.

Picking & crushing

The first stage of your winemaking is picking and crushing which happens during harvest. Harvest dates are dependent on nature, and though we do our best to track the maturation of our grapes, we can never be 100% certain. That being said, harvest typically starts in March, but can be as early as February in an early season, across a 3-4 week period.

Keep an eye on your emails as we continue to track the grapes ripening progress and determine the dates of our Rent-a-Row picking dates. These will be offered over the 3-4 week period and we will accommodate you as best we can to secure you a date which suits you best.

In 2020, we’ll begin picking on March 7th and continue through to March 28th.


The following stage of your winemaking is “pressing off” which occurs 1-2 weeks after your pick/crush date. Pressing is the process of transferring your fermented wine into a basket press which presses the squashes the grape skins, extracting the intense colour and full bodied flavours that Heathcote Shiraz is known for. Once the wine is pressed, it then goes into a Demijohn or barrel, where it is stored for a few months until the next stage of winemaking in Winter.

Oak & Wine Tasting

Visit the winery now that the wine has finished fermenting and that little bit closer to the final product that we know and love.

During this stage, we will taste the wine before it’s been matured in oak and some Shiraz wines that have been matured with different blends of French and American oak. This stage offers a great understanding of the role that oak plays on developing the flavour profile of wine.

Dates for this will be confirmed after harvest, but typically throughout July.


A few months later, usually Spring/Summer, we will get in touch with you to schedule a bottling date for you. Bottling is the final stage of the Rent-a-Row winemaking process where it all comes together in a finished product. Here you transfer your wine from Demijohn or barrel to bottle! You then cork the bottles, dress them with foils and your own label, box them up, and take them home!

Our team are here to ensure that you have full support in making your wine from vine to bottle. You can be as involved in the process as you like, none of the winemaking stages are compulsory. Should you be unavailable for any of the process, we are here to babysit and take care of your wine throughout. But don’t worry, the glory will remain yours!

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