Rent-A-Row: About Picking & Crushing

What to expect from your Picking & Crushing day

The day begins at our cellar door where all the days Rent-a-Row winemakers congregate ahead of our 10am start for picking. Before we head out into the vineyard to pick, we will get you together, introduce you to our team, and give you a short briefing on picking. We head out into the vineyard and pick for about 45 minutes as a big group with all of the grapes going into a big collection.

Once picking is done, it is time for a well-earned cold drink and a sit down while we get the winery ready to go. This can take anywhere from 15 minutes to half an hour. Again, we thank you for your patience during this intermission and ask that you remain at the cellar door until we invite you over to the winery.

After a bit of a break we will get everyone back together and take you over to our winery for crushing. This is the stage of Rent-a-Row where the grapes go from one big collective into your own individual batch of wine! We introduce you to the crusher/destemmer, get your wine into its individual fermentation vats, and then it’s stomping time!

Once you’ve had your fill of stomping, that’s a wrap on the winemaking part of the day and you can retire to our cellar door for food, music, and fun.

Expect an email from us soon to book you in for Stage 2: Pressing (1-2 weeks from your picking date).

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