Rent-A-Row: Picking & Crushing Dates

Book in for Picking & Crushing

Your winemaking experience starts with a walk out to the vineyard to pick your grapes. We are expecting to begin harvesting early March, continuing on for a few weeks. You can book in your picking date using the calendar below. The start time is for you to head out to the vineyard for picking. Shortly after you finish picking, you will head over to the winery to crush your freshly picked grapes into the must that will become your wine.

The Shiraz Republic will be putting on food and live music for all weekend picking dates, so you can relax and re-fuel after the morning’s work. To help us coordinate with our caterer, please let us know if you are interested in lunch, have any dietary requirements and how many people are joining you on the day.

If you have more than 6 people attending, please let us know the exact number in the comments field.

You will receive a link for a different calendar after you have crushed your grapes to book in for pressing off. 

All Picking/Crushing bookings will be made through the calendar below. Mid-week winemaking dates are available. Please contact us to discuss a time before 29th of March to pick your grapes. Email or phone (03) 5433 6338.

On The Grape Vine

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