Rent-A-Row: Pressing Dates

Your Shiraz is fermenting away.

Congratulations on commencing your Rent-A-Row winemaking experience!

You have just completed the Picking and Crushing of your grapes, and they are now in their fermenter in our winery. We added yeast to the must, and is now fermenting away, turning into wine! As the grapes ferment, carbon dioxide is produced pushing the grape solids (skins and seeds) up to top of the vat, forming a crust. Three times a day, our team is walking through the winery and plunging the skins under the liquid to keep the skins wet and extract the colour and flavour from the skins.

Your next visit is for the stage of Pressing Off. We separate wine juice from skins and seeds, using a basket press, and transfer the fermented juice (otherwise known as wine!) into a glass demijohn, where it will sit for the next few months as it continues a secondary fermentation.

Compared with picking and crushing, this workshop is a little shorter (closer to an hour in total), but equally informative and an exciting opportunity to taste your wine now after fermentation and at different stages as it comes off the press, ranging from low in tannin to very tannic.

Pressing is ideally completed within 1-2 weeks of crushing. That means if you crushed your wine on Saturday the 7th of March, you need to press by Sunday the 22nd of March, and so on. Multiple packages must be booked in for separate time spots, preferably consecutively.

All pressing bookings will be made through the calendar below. If you would prefer to press off mid-week, please contact us to discuss a time to press your wine. Contact: or (03) 5433 6338.

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