The Shareholder Package


Grab a share in making your own Heathcote Shiraz. Join in with some new friends in making a communal barrel of wine and experience the fun of being a winemaker. Includes a half-dozen of your own wine at the Bottling Party.

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A great way to experience the fun of making wine, without committing to a whole batch.

We’re excited to release a new package to our range of Rent-A-Row Winemaking Packages. With the Shareholder, you get the opportunity to join others in making a large, communal batch of wine – made by you and other shareholders with support from The Shiraz Republic’s winemaking team. The size of the batch will be determined by the amount of participants, but likely to be a barrel or two of wine made by and for you and your fellow vitizens.

How does it all happen?

The winemaking process follows this sequence. Pick. Stomp. Press. Taste. Bottle. Enjoy.


Head out into the vineyard with your fellow vitizens to pick the grapes for the day’s winemaking. 

Sunday March 10th – Stomping Party


Process your freshly picked grapes into must – a slurry of skins and grape juice that ferment into wine. 

Sunday 10th March – Stomping Party


Get the most out of the skins. Using a basket press, we compact and extract colour and tannin off the skins. 

Sunday 24th March – Pressing Day


Your wine has finished fermenting and is ready to be racked off into a barrel for maturation. 

July – Racking
Barrel Tasting dates tbd


Put your tasty Shiraz into bottles for safe keeping and happy drinking. 

Bottling Party – December, date tbd


Quaff it, cellar it, share it, hide it – either way, enjoy your hand-bottled, hand-crafted wine for years to come.


What’s included?

Each Shareholder Package entitles you to experience the four stages of the winemaking across the calendar year and to take home your share (a hand-bottled half-dozen) of the communal batch.  You can invest in extra wine to take home at bottling time at $150 per dozen.

The package includes everything you need to make the wine wine, including the Shiraz grapes, barrels, bottles, labels and boxes.

The Shareholder Package can be shared between two adults. Want to share the experience between more friends? Grab a day pass for one of the parties or double your share – $150 for two more adults and an extra half dozen. (Kids are welcome – no extra charge).

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Experience the fun of owning a vineyard, without the hard work.


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