Philosophers’ Lunch

Conversation, Music, Food and Wine

We don’t discuss people, we sometimes discuss events, but mostly we discuss ideas.

The Philosopher’s Lunch is a feast for the mind and body. It is a tonic for the soul. It’s for anyone who cares about good conversation, good wine, and how to live a good life.

On the fourth Friday of each month, you are welcome to join us here at the Shiraz Republic for informal discussion of the big ideas that shape our world and our community. $30 gets you your lunch, a glass of wine and a thought-provoking topic and a suitable guest!

Time and place: 12:15 – 14:30 at the Shiraz Republic, 507 Hamblin Road, Cornella

Upcoming topics

It wasn’t cheating? The role of values in today’s consumer society. What is the difference between morality and ethics? Should we side with the real or the ideal when making decisions? Do the ends justify the means?

“How risky is it, really”? The concept of risk affects our behaviours and choices as individuals and as society. How do we calculate it, perceive it, communicate it? Is there such a thing  as “real risk” at all, or is it created by human culture and perception?

“It’s scientific!” How does scientific research affect our everyday lives. How direct is the connection from science to society? What does it mean when the government claims to base new policy on scientific evidence?

“Complexity”. How do we make good decision in the face of complexity. The problem of simple solutions to complex problems. The paralysis of analysis.

“Mental Clarity” Mindfulness,

“Persistence and Grace” The connection between hard work and acceptance …

“Building Community and the Cultural Melting Pot” Must my grandparents really be buried in the local cemetery for me to be a “local” to belong.

“Simple Pleasures” The best things in life are free.

“Liberating Education” The role of education and training in personal freedom and community.

“Spiritual Hunger” The most important things in the world are not things.

“What About Love” 


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