Taking Orders for 2022 Vintage

Orders for the 2022 crop are now open. The vines are looking good, flowering and fruit set are underway.  Once veraison starts I’ll start posting the Baume’ on the website, which will give you an idea of when the likely picking date will be.  I expect that picking will be in early March, but watch the website or follow us on Facebook.

PRICING:  Hand-picked by us and packed in waxed cardboard boxes $2.55 per kilo inc boxes.
Delivery to Melbourne Metropolitan area is 10% extra . Deliveries of 100kg or less (six boxes) will be delivered to an agreed meeting point.
Our policy is to pick one day and deliver the next.
Interstate Deliveries.  We can deliver interstate to depots in Sydney and Brisbane. Delivery cost is 20% of the cost of your grape order. Minimum order 500kg.

Save 15% by picking your own!  You can of course pick the grapes yourself and take them home freshly off the vine.
If you haven’t already tried this it can be a fun day for the family and friends, but try to bring enough people to pick your grapes in about 2 hours. (Most people can pick about 50kg in 1 hour.)

Special Orders. If you want you grapes on a specific day, at a specific Baume’ or from a specific clone, you will need to collect your grapes from the vineyard. Collection of grapes can be arranged for any day of the week.

Before you place your order, please make sure you’ve read information about Ordering Grapes and our Social Ettiquette, which details what you can expect from us and what we expect from you.

Now that you’ve read the above, please place your order below

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