Canola Walk at the Shiraz Republic

Immerse yourself in a field of brilliant yellow.  360 degrees of colour.

The time is ripe for a visit to the iconic Colbinabbin/Cornella canola fields as they come into bloom and colour the paddocks fluorescent yellow! Central Victoria is known for its amazing canola fields which flower from August into early September.



An ideal day trip

The Shiraz Republic, located less than 2 hours from Melbourne, is the perfect destination for a day trip or a short getaway. Throughout the Campaspe Shire you can see fields and fields of canola flowering. The bright yellow flowering crops in contrast with the green spring fields next to them are spectacular to see.

Unprecedented access

There is only one place you where can walk right into the canola fields and immerse yourself in the glorious and bright yellow flowers.  For the first time you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the sea of yellow at the ‘Cornella Canola Walk’. In conjunction with the Shiraz Republic and Cornella Brewery, we have established a viewing platform and walking track through the flowering yellow crop.

Most farmers, understandably, do not want tourists entering their canola fields and unknowingly destroying the crop and potentially spreading disease but the Shiraz Republic have created a track and viewing platform in their 100 acre fields of canola so that tourists can wander through the canola field and take their insta-worthy selfies!

Walk the canola fields. Immerse yourself in the sea of yellow colour. Park safely at the Shiraz Republic cellar door. Walk the Canola Trail. Experience the 360 degree wonder. Bring your best camera or fly a drone across the field to get a birds eye view.

Enjoy a drink and something to eat at our picturesque cellar door or visit nearby Colbinabbin to view the spectacular Silo Art.

Feel like a short getaway? Stay in one of our cabins and take advantage of early morning or evening photography.

Tickets & Information 

Entry is $10 per adult and $5 for children. Children under 5 are free. A family pass is $30.
Purchase tickets from Shiraz Republic’s cellar door and to collect your guide.

Open Friday to Sunday 11am – 5pm. Other times by appointment.

Availability of the walk is both seasonal and weather dependent. We expect the canola to bloom soon and the walk be ready from the 12th of August until early September, but is subject to change. 

Essential Gear

Enclosed shoes, water bottle, camera/drone and your excited self, mates and family!

Note: The canola fields are important crops for farmers. Look to your heart’s content. Stay on the track. Please do not touch or trample the fields.

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