Woo hoo! We are on track.

The Baume’ took a bit of a jump this week after stagnating for a week. 12.4 Be sets us on track to get this vintage going.

Picking will start this coming weekend with the first of our Rent-A-Row experiences and a Stomping Party.

General picking will start from 15th March.

If you are planning to collect your grapes from the vineyard, please contact me by email, preferably, to arrange a date.

I’ll start scheduling deliveries to Melbourne in the next few days. Be aware that schedules can be thrown out if it rains. We can’t pick in the rain and wet grapes will have distorted Baume’ and pH.

I am planning a delivery run to the Northern and Western suburbs on Friday 18th March. If that day works for you let me know and I’ll book you a spot on the truck.

Happy Days!


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