When we reach full veraison, we will start to test the sugar (Baumé) of the grapes. Each week we will test the Baume and once a trend is established we can make some more accurate predictions for the upcoming harvest.

In the vineyard

Out in the vineyard I’ve been trimming unproductive and messy canes from the vines. I’m not sure how necessary this is, but it keeps me regularly walking the vineyard and able to keep a close eye on the health of the vines and pick up any dripper line leaks and such. The vines are lignifying, meaning the stems are turning from soft and green to brown and woody. The ground away from the irrigation drip line is now very dry and large cracks have opened up – a result of the dry summer heat.

We have been fortunate to miss most of the summer storms that are associated with the La Nina weather patterns. There have been heavy falls in the districts to our north and south, but we have received very little. Suits me! It reduces the likelihood of mould and mildew attacks. The canes have stopped growing longer and our attention turns to ensuring that we keep just enough water up to the vines to maintain their health and take the fruit through to full ripeness. Onwards and upwards to the 2022 harvest.

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