Early Pick for Sparkling

We had an early pick for someone wanting to make a sparkling shiraz and wanted a Baume’ of less that 13. As I’ve written before, not all irrigation blocks ripen at the same rate and this is a good thing for hand picking over a few weeks. We chose a row of vines which may be still a week or so off being ready for mainstream picking. We picked 1100kg and these tested after crushing at 12.7 Be’. A beautiful result for a sparkling Shiraz.

Picking is all set to go.

The irrigation block which we are going to start picking first has tested at 13.3. By the weekend this is going to be ready to go. We are booking in deliveries and will be going hard at it from Tuesday 9th March.


I’ve been worried that we may have reached the limit of confidence for taking new bookings for grape sales. At the moment new orders are being marked “PROVISIONAL” until we see what happens when we start picking. 10% up or down on expectations makes quite a difference to total yield. The evidence from our early pick is that we might be on the + side of that variation. So if you are still wanting to order please put your order in, but watch for updates.


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