We have a date for the start of picking!

We will start in earnest on the 9th March. Baume reading on 24th Feb was 12.8 Be’ (23 Brix). The fruit is ripening quickly; warm days, a few warm nights and there you have it.

For anyone who wants a lower Baume, I have a picking crew here next Wednesday 3rd March to pick a tonne for a customer who is making sparkling and wants it early. We can organise to pick a bit more if requested, but I won’t be making deliveries until the weekend of 13th (Western Suburbs) and 14th (Southern Suburbs) March. Not all irrigation blocks are as advanced as 12,8 Be, so don’t panic. Our aim is to get all fruit picked and delivered by 28th March.

For those picking their own fruit or collecting picked fruit from the vineyard, please email me your preferred date and I’ll schedule it in.


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