Using 2020 Harvest Ella Hops for our first ever can release. 


In our final brew before the effects of the COVID-19 lockdowns fully hit, we used freshly harvested Ella hops from Hop Products Australia for a special one of release. The beer, Fresh Hop Pils, is a hoppy lager utilising 10kg (15g per L) of Ella in the whirlpool.

Ella is the underrated sister of Galaxy, a perfect lager hop with excellent floral and spice notes and is a mainstay of our Lager and Pilsner beers. We were keen to brew another fresh hop brew, after doing so in 2017 & 2018, and a clean beer, such as a pilsner really shows off the hop character. 

With the lockdowns taking away the opportunity to serve beer over the bar, or sell kegs to others, the Fresh Hop Pils became the focus of our first ever canning run at the brewery as quickly adapted to sell our beer in the quickly changing COVID-19 crisis. You can buy the beer online or via selected stockists, alongside our new can additions – our Draught Lager, Hay Bale XPA & Piny Rush Hazy IPA. You may have noticed, these cans show off a fresh look thanks to Spencer’s brother, Barry.

Brewing with Fresh Hops. 

With our new brewery setup, we are brewing 3 x 200L batches to fill one 600L fermenter. Each brew used T90 Ella pellets (frozen) at the start of the boil for bitterness. For the third boil of the bay, we used the false bottom from the mash tun to create a hop back / whirlpool tank, filling the tank with 10 kg of fresh Ella hops and transferring the hot wort through the hops on the way to the fermenter. Compared with our previous efforts, this worked very well and extracted loads of aroma without any issues (and did not block the heat exchanger!)

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