Finally! Harvest is within sight. The grapes have for the most part turned that deep crimson red. With four different clones there are some blocks with still a bit to go, but that’s good because we want our hand picking to run over a few weeks. So for getting harvest underway, it’s the most advanced block we will concentrate on. 

The weather pattern has certainly changed from the very trying months of November and December 2019. The hot, dry, windy days have given way to milder temperatures, some heavy downpours and much better conditions for the vines.  The vines are doing what they want to do at this time of year- ripen grapes and produce sugar.
My first test of the 2020 season gave a result of 20 Brix (11.1 Be). We won’t get too excited but if all goes to plan (ha!) I will have the grandkids up for a little family fun on the 1st March. We’ll pick a couple of hundred kilos and crush them. I expect that they will still be a little under-ripe, but this will give us greater certainty of how both the Baume’ and the likely yield.

No new orders are being taken and I’m still uncertain about the total quantity of grapes we will have this year. If it becomes evident that we cannot supply everyone with their full order of grapes, be prepared please to take a little less, so that all may get some. It’s a difficult year for quantity.  Otherwise all is good; we have had no smoke issues (too little, too light, too early in season and heavy rains have washed everything well and truly clean) and no disease issues.


Our Rent-a-Row Wine-making will start on the 7th, 8th and 9th March and continue through to Sunday 22nd March.


Picking for deliveries will start on Saturday 14th of March for deliveries to Melbourne on the Sunday 15th and 22nd March. We may squeeze in a few other days for deliveries as well.

Collection from vineyard:

If you are collecting from the vineyard please let us know your preferred date (from the 13th March) and we’ll sort it out to have them picked and ready for you.

Interstate deliveries:

So get ready!!



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