Well, we have just completed our first Baume’ test for the vineyard for the 2019 Vintage (9th Feb 2019).

We’ve got full veraison (well all but) and everything is looking in great shape, and the berries are ripening. The first test of the season doesn’t tell you much, but it creates a baseline for next week’s test and so on. Once we can see not only how ripe the grapes are at a given date, but how quickly they are ripening week by week, we can start to make more informed guesses about the starting date for picking.
Based on Baume’ readings taken this morning(9th Feb 2019), we are guessing that picking will begin first week of March and continue on for 3 or 4 weeks. However, this is only a guess until we get subsequent readings. Today’s readings 9.1 Be’. This compares to 2018 when we already at 9.4 on the 31st January.  But we will see what they say next week.


Baume’ Readings 

After the fortnight of very high temperatures in January, we are currently enjoying some cooler days (and nights). The vines coped well with the 40 deg. C days, but there was some burning of leaves and a bit of bunch loss on the western side of the rows. These cooler days in the mid to high 20s are a relief.

So get ready.

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to bottle last years wine, check and clean equipment, organise the winemaking team and be ready to go.
And if you haven’t ordered your grapes yet, do it soon! Read about our Shiraz Grapes.


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