A facelift

This October sees Matt and Spencer overtake two years of brewing as Cornella Real, The Shiraz Republic’s 200L nanobrewery. Since then there has been a lot of changes, observations and with the confidence of two years brewing, we’ve got some plans.

The first change to discuss is a minor rebrand. We started with the aim to produce predominantly British-style Real Ales, but two years on, we now produce beers ranging vastly beyond these. Don’t worry, our beloved Best Bitter and ESB beers aren’t going anywhere, but they sit alongside our expanded range of American and Australian styles pale ales, IPAs, sours, European ales and now lagers. In adapting to our environment and brewery setup, we’re now also brewing with a new approach, more in touch with modern craft brewing than the traditional Real (or cask) ale philosophy. So with that, Cornella Real becomes Cornella Brewery. (“Just ‘Cornella’. It’s cleaner!”)

With a new name comes a new logo. Our eye-popping black and green circle has served us well over the past two years, but it was time to change to something more concise, identifiable and expressive of who we are. Initially, being in a remote area and being new brewers, we anticipated to be selling predominantly packaged beer, either in kegs to bars or in bottles to shops and customers. What we have become is, in fact, a brewpub. Cornella Brewery (and The Shiraz Republic) have become a destination, an attraction – a place, rather than a brand.

This shift in direction needed to be reflected in the logo and also gave us the opportunity to bring the design elements in line with The Shiraz Republic identity. We then brought in the image of our iconic vineyard gates, seen by and often pictured by visitors to the brewery. So without further ado, we present to you the new logo for Cornella Brewery.

Other observation & plans

Play time & one-offs aplenty

We decided to start with a small brewery to have the ability for variation, play and have fun with brewing. Our second year of brewing saw us realise that aim, with a hugely successful collaboration with Flight Bar creating Chicken Twist, a Gose brewed with Chicken Salt. More recently, we have brewed a kölsch, draught lager, hoppy pilsner and Shiraz-blended Berliner Weisse, the latter two to feature at our birthday event at the Cambrian in December.

Local Beer, Local Malt

As well as an identity change, we’ve also changed our supplier of base malt to Ballarat-based House Of Malt. Drew at House Of Malt uses traditional floor-malting methods to small batches of half tonnes, which is a perfect size for a small brewery like ourselves. What excites us most about this shift is that (besides supporting a fellow local, small producer) is that we’ve got the capacity to produce beer from locally sourced barley. In the short term, we’re hoping to malt barley grown in our local Colbinabbin area, with the aim to grow barley in our front paddock and using our very own Cornella ale malt. We plan to realise this idea in next year’s cycle of cropping. We’ve already begun to introduce Drew’s malt through some of our beers, so you might notice a slight, but positive, difference in the taste of Cornella beers going forward.

Come party with us

On Saturday December 1st we’re celebrating our 2nd Birthday with a tap takeover and FIFA19 Tournament at the Cambrian Hotel in Bendigo. It’s fitting to return to the first pub that took our beer back in 2016 and for the occasion, Andy will no doubt be cooking up some specials for the day.

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