We began harvest on Wednesday 21st Feb with a significant pick from the two areas of the vineyard that seemed to be the most advanced in ripening. The good news is- “It’s ready”, the not so good news is “It’s early”.

So get ready, I am already running full tilt trying to arrange picking and deliveries (sorry for the short notice – thanks to those who have changed their plans to accommodate).

First deliveries happened yesterday as Andrew and Stefan and crew came and picked over half a tonne and Andrea came and picked 120kg by herself. Love to hear your test results guys.

So I apologise that my 13 test sites have shrunk a bit, my main interest is the highest and the lowest and how quickly things are moving. The low figure seems to have not moved on from the week before at 11.1. The high figure has it nudging 14.1 Be’.

So at the high end things are moving about 1 Be’ per week.

We have a great picking crew on board Willy and his crew from Tonga and Fiji are keen and hard working. Most of them have friends and family who got blown around a fair bit by last week’s cyclone that ripped through the Pacific, so they have a bit to think about.

The truck will head out this morning (Friday) with some deliveries and again on Saturday and Sunday. Happy wine making!


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