Baume' Readings 14th Feb 2018

OK. Resume normal programming. The week of milder temperatures has slowed down the ripening process. Overall the grapes moved 1.0 Baume’ on average. The lowest sample is sitting on 11,1 Be and the highest on 13.1 Be with the average from the 13 test rows being 12.3 Be. This is a great result. It means we will have some fruit ready to pick from mid-next week and other rows blocks becoming progressively ready for harvest over the following few weeks.

Remember if you want a specific Baume’, or on a specific day, you probably need to come and collect your grapes from the vineyard. Deliveries are based on planned runs alternating across the eastern, southern, western and northern suburbs. I know it’s obvious, but we can’t be everywhere at once. If cost is not an option we can quote on a special delivery.

We still have some grapes for sale, but we are nearing the point where I will soon have to make new orders “subject to availability”. All estimates of the available fruit have a margin for error and until we start is never quite sure.

Exciting days!


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