We are ready to go.

It’s been slow but stready progress to harvest. Hopefully that means the ripening process will continue to be slow and we will get the whole crop off with some beautiful figures. The weather since mid-February has been fantastic. Warm days and cool night. No rain. Low 30s during the day and mid teens at night. It’s even been good for the President’s sleep.

But we have got there. Harvest begins tomorrow with the brothers Klym breaking the tape and picking 360kg. Then we’ll really know what the Baume’ and pH are doing.

Meantime, my predicted path to maturity was accurate, but not in a straightforward way. Rows that tested low early jumped away at the end. the rows that led the bunch (couldn’t resist the pun) failed to ripen quickly. But it’s been a wonderful lead up to picking. The grapes have had plenty of time to develop and it should be one of the great vintages.

Oh, and we still have limited quantities of grapes available.

Date                  Baume
8th Feb             8.4         Actual
15th Feb           9.6         Actual
22nd Feb        10.5         Actual
1st Mar             11.7         Actual
8th Mar           12.8         Actual


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