As we move into Winter, preparations are under way to commence the slow process of pruning. To prepare for this, we’ve made sure all our electronic secateurs have been serviced and we’ve just finished the process called pre-pruning.

Pre-pruning removes all the long growth, allowing for much easier access to manually prune grape vines and prepare for next harvest. However, it required for us to walk through the vineyard and identify and tend to vines that need a cordon (main branch) replaced or extended. This is so that we can protected suitable long canes out of reach of the pre-pruner, so that we can prepare the vine for the next harvest.

It was also the first opportunity to test our Vine Training Discs out against the kind of abuse that can be expected in a vineyard. Methods for holding wires up are notoriously frustrating and problematic, as machine pickers and pre-pruning machines damage posts and make many wire clips unusable. The good news for us and our discs, is that the strong polypropylene withstood the abuse.

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