Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had the last batch of our 2015 Rent-A-Row Winemakers come up to the vineyard and bottle their wine. At Keith’s suggestion, we went about designing a label using some fancy-inkjet printable paper I found online for another project. The results for both Keith’s and Linda’s label was great and the wine tastes even better.

Some photos from Keith’s Bottling, a few weeks back.

And from Linda’s, this past Saturday.

And in what was a lotĀ of fun and a little hard work, we made a start to our 2016 crop of Rent-A-Row Winemaking with Amy & Daniel. Everything was done by hand (and feet), with them picking in the morning, followed by hand de-stemming and crushing with their feet after lunch. Photos of their fermenter are below, but more news and photos from the rest of Rent-A-Row will be posted after harvest (they are on many different phones etc).

If you’re interested in making with us via a Rent-A-Row package, get in quick by using our enquiry form or placing an order online. We are running sessions with our RAR winemakers over the next few Sundays, so ideally you’d be free on either Sunday the 21st, 28th of Feb and the 6th of March. Get in touch before all the grapes are gone!

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