Full veraison 2016 shiraz grapes at 11.0 Baume

Shiraz Grapes

Contrary to any rumors going around, WE DO  STILL HAVE SHIRAZ GRAPES FOR SALE.

Yes it has been a busy start to the season, we have taken orders for over 50 tonnes of our wonderful shiraz grapes, but about 15 tonnes are still available.
These are a winemakers delight – small berries, low yield vineyard, red Cambrian soils, the famous Heathcote region, and virtually no chemical applications – just one sulphur spray back in November prior to flowering.Peter in the vineyard collecting shiraz grapes for testing

We pick and pack into new waxed cardboard boxes for just $2/kg. We can deliver. Or you can collect from the vineyard and if you want to, even pick them yourself.


You can order your grapes here. Large or small quantities are not a problem.

Picking dates

We conducted our first tests on the grapes last Thursday (28 Jan) and the three blocks tested at 10.0 Be’, 10.2 Be’ and 11.0 Be’ respectively. Usually they ripen at about one Be’ per week (subject to weather) so it will be an early season.

The grapes should be available from the 3rd week of February through to the 6th of March (and maybe …)

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