I know we usually think mid-March for the start of harvest, but last year changed all that. In 2015¬†we started picking in mid February and by the end of February we had delivered 75% of all our orders. This year we have had a dry and warm spring, followed by a dry and hotter than average December. In the vineyard verasion has started. It is all a bit speculative until we achieve full verasion and can start to test Baume’, but the chatter among the district’s vinegrowers is “think early”.

So plan for an early vintage:

Order your grapes now (Click here)
Check your barrels, demijohns and vats
Consult with those who must be consulted
Order your yeast and chemicals
Check you wine stocks, we are offering mixed dozens our Shiraz wines for only $150 delivered or collected with your grape order.

We had a few really hot days around the 18 and 19th December, but the vines have stood up very well. January has seen a dump of 40mm of rain in the last few days which has given the vines a bit of a break. The long term forecast is for temperatures to be more moderate with only a few days in the high 30s. This is ideal ripening weather so get ready!

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