The vines arrived yesterday for our new vineyard. We are using the same clone we used to replant burnt vines last year, R6WV28, which is highly reviewed and widely used in Australia. Thanks again to Mark at Glenavon Nurseries in SA for organising, supplying and delivering these to us.

Yesterday, we unpacked them and put them into water laced with some SeaSol to wake them up and got our systems ready. Today is the first day of planting, which is exciting and cathartic. It has been 12 months of planning and preparation to get to this stage, so it’s great to finally be getting into it.

Update: Day 2

Another day’s planting over. 2400 planted and another 1100 to go. We should finish the new block tomorrow, then we have another 570 replacements to go into the old vineyard replacing vines killed by the fire on Boxing Day 2013.

Spencer has been working on the long-overdue task of updating our website. We welcome your feedback and suggestions as we try to get it all up and ready for our 2016 harvest.


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