We have been busy building an extension to the vineyard. The process of recovering from the fire of Boxing Day 2013 is a slow one, vines continue to die and the replacement process is tedious, slow and expensive. What better way to fight the miseries than to build something new at the same time. This way in 3 years time we won’t just be back to where we were 5 years before, but will have something better. It makes for a busy time. The more so, because we are working with a new product. Steeltuff have been making some pretty sensational new design steel fencing products for the last few years, but have never been into vineyards. We are working with Steeltuff to adapt their posts for vineyard use. It will make a very strong and fireproof vineyard, but there are teething problems and design issues that we need to keep working on. The “leading edge” can quickly become the “bleeding edge”. Still it’s fun and it feels like progress. It will also enable us to meet the growing demand for our grapes.

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