In the midst of picking and delivering grapes and working with others as they make their wine, it’s sometimes hard to find that window of opportunity make our own wine.

So it’s a little riper than we might have chosen in an ideal world, but in the seven vats of fermenting grapes we have a range of pH and Baume’ readings and a variety of aromas. Earthy, plummy aromas from the 15.1Be to the brighter aromatic strawberry aromas from the suprisingly low 13.5Be vat. It was a suprise how the vats varied as the pick covered the length of 5 rows of vines. The average seems to be about 14.1Be, so we are going to have some fun blending. Acid adjustments were done early and the malocatic bacteria were introduced into the ferments after the first couple of days.

To make for a little more interest 10% whole bunches were added to each vat. They will go through their own little micro-ferments with the grape skins intact. So for now it is a case of making sure a regular plunging routine is built into our busy days.

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