The Shiraz Republic

Squeeze harder

“Wine of the people, by the people, for the people” – The President*

A Democracy of Wine

From humble beginnings, this vision of The Shiraz Republic has grown. We believe that good wine begins in the vineyard, and at The Shiraz Republic, our vineyard has and will always open for you to make good wine. We started off with and continue to specialise in supplying premium quality, Heathcote Shiraz grapes to home winemakers & small producers. With each year, we have sold more grapes to more people – and from our grapes, our citizens make excellent wines.

In 2005, The Shiraz Republic (under the name Cornella Ridge Estate) began making wine and moving our wine through our friends & citizens. If you have a vineyard, you’d be crazy not to make (some) wine. And as this has grown, we’ve upscaled production, opened a cellar door and are regulars at regional festivals such Heathcote on Show and the Heathcote Food & Wine Festival.

Nowadays, we’ve been helping citizens to make wine on site at The Shiraz Republic through our Rent-A-Row experiential gift packages. The aim is to share the joy of winemaking with those who have not yet experienced it themselves. This has been everything from sharing our facilities with budding vignerons to hosting fun social days with our new citizens. 2016 saw us host 18 different Rent-A-Row recipients through the winemaking process and with media attention from The Age, ABC & Weekly Times, the future is bright.

Brian Spencer, his son Spencer Page at The Shiraz Republic, their winery and brewery in the Heathcote wine region. The duo specialise in helping people making their own wine which is an overall 12 month process. The also provide grapes for home wine makers, as well as a boutique range of their own beer and wine. Photograph Paul Jeffers The Age NEWS 20 May 2016

The President, Brian, with President-Elect, Spencer and their Red Bedford. Photograph Paul Jeffers

*With apologies to Abraham Lincoln.